A Crime Against Nature

Photos of the destruction of the Robinson St underpass and the rail yards of Union Station in Oklahoma City

These heritage transportation assets are being destroyed by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation's I-40 Crosstown Freeway Crusade. This construction program has already destroyed the Walnut Grove neighborhood, and severely damaged the Riverside neighborhood. Union Station could have been the nexus of a cost effective commuter rail system for central Oklahoma that utilized existing rail lines. Rail lines met here that once connected OKC with Chicago, the Gulf of Mexico, and the East and West Coasts. Alas for sustainability, this is being replaced with a ten lane highway, a victory for the special interests of our plutocratic elites over the common good. Photo credit: Tom Elmore.

Roll Call of Dishonor - a list of the politicians responsible for this crime against nature. "Lest we forget."

Photos taken February 12, 2010.