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When it comes to energy these days, the news isn't good. This page chronicles the on-going situation. If you find something you think should be on this page, send us email .

The news and commentary here comes from both mainstream and alternative sources. Check this page often, it will be updated regularly.

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These commentaries posted 03-25-2001.

The Great Oil and Gas Decline , speculative fiction by Robert Waldrop

Earth in Balance: Has energy capacity maxed out? , by Matthew Simmons,

Hubbert Peak Home Page , if you want to know about the theory behind the prediction of an imminent peak in world oil production, this is the place.

Energy Production and Efficiency , from the Context Institute.

Energy in the 21st Century: the return of Geopolitics? , "Experience in mature oil regions suggests that conventional oil production could peak between 2010 and 2020. Production outside OPEC Middle East would start to decline before OPEC Middle East production, implying a greater reliance on Middle East supply." Detailed report on the world petroleum supply, from the Organizationfor Economic Cooperation and Development , which is sponsored by 30 nations, mostly the developed West.

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Northern lights face blackouts: a power drought from Seattle to Portland , March 25, 2001, Sacramento Bee,

The Energy Trap , March 25, 2001, Los Angeles Times, "you can't have an arctic refuge, cheap gasoline and guzzlers too. Something has got to give."

Californian's warned power bills could sore , March 24, 2001, Reuters via Yahoo Online News, 50 to 100%!!!

Businesses see energy cost cut profits , March 24, 2001, Seattle Post Intelligencer, the most important news here is in the final two paragraphs:

"The past year has seen a frenetic pace of gas drilling. The number of drilling rigs jumped by 46 percent to about 900, the biggest such surge over a single year in a quarter century. But the amount of gas flowing into the market has not increased by much. "We're drilling at higher rates just to get the same amount of gas out of the ground," says Skip Horvath, president of the Natural Gas Supply Association, a producer trade group."

Crisis deepens, politicos panic , March 23, 2001, Sacramento Bee, "The choking sound you hear is California's political class shifting into near-panic mode as it realizes that the energy crisis is on the verge of becoming a full-scale meltdown, with utilities forced into bankruptcy and consumers

US needs 1300 new power plants over the next 20 years , thus says the Vice President, in this AP story reported in Yahoo Daily News. No word about where the fuel will come from to power them.

Metals industry jolted by energy crisis,, March 8, 2001

US Crude oil stocks reach 25 year lows , Dow Jones News, via the Energy Digest, Bakersfield Californian., March 8, 2001.

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