Oklahoma City Mutual Aid

This page has resources for permaculture pre-design of a contingency plan for collapse of the economic, energy, and food distribution systems in central Oklahoma - local, grassroots household and neighborhood disaster preparations. We are doing this through a series of workshops in the area.

Use this information as a template for your own area! The time to build the cellar is BEFORE the tornado hits!

Plan C for OKC Speaker's Outline - this was my outline for the Sept 20, 2008 workshop. We went through most of the outline, but the last few sections were only lightly skimmed and will be the subject of another workshop held in early winter here in OKC.

Brainstorming charts from our Sept 20, 2008 workshop. Following the outline, we brainstormed challenges and resources.

Printable flyers to promote sustainability, frugality, and community resilience. Download, print, copy, or send as email attachments, html and pdf versions. New flyer, as of March 17, 2009 - What to do during an extreme civil emergency.

For information about our plans for adapting our"urban homestead" to meet the looming challenges of peak oil, climate instability, and economic irrationality, see Gatewood Urban Homestead, the permaculture design for our home.

Old Ways/New Ways, short 'science fiction' about "What we did in Kansas City, Missouri when the technological and economic and food infrastructure crashed", written in 1999, by Bob Waldrop.