Off-site Energy Conservation Resources

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Utilities, from Pat Veretto, the guide to Frugal living. Good suggestions, links, articles, and tips for keeping your utility bills under control.

HomeEnergy.Org, on-line presence of a print magazine published by a non-profit organization providing practical energy conservation information for residences. On-line access to magazine archive and informational files.

Energy conservation in chemical and process engineering, section of the Worldwide Virtual Library, industrial focus.

Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation, nonprofit organization providing energy conservation and efficiency information to consumers, utilities, regulatory bodies, and environmental groups. Has on-line tips.

Alliance to Save Energy, coalition of business, industry, and non-profit leaders involved with energy conservation. News page regularly updated. Has extensive media section with fact sheets.. See also Consumer Tips and Home energy checkup.

Energy Conservation and Renewables, from EcoIQ, links, on-line publications, info, 6,000 links.

Boulder Energy Conservation Center, has on-line guide, info about current activities, renewable energy programs.

Sensible Home, newspaper columns by James Dulley (mechanical engineer, avid do-it-yourselfer, environmentalist), plus lots of other practical do-it-yourself info.

Earth Saving Tips, from Earth Share, lots of practical ideas for saving energy and living a green lifestyle.

Internet Resources from sci.geo.petroleum, one of the most comprehensive link collections relating to the petroleum industry.

NW Energy Coalition, non profit providing information and advocacy regarding energy conservation and low income issues. Has great coverage of the NW power crisis. Has fact sheets and tips for saving energy.

64 ways to lower your winter heating bill, from the Seattle Post Intelligencer.




Utility tips

Government Sites top

Energy efficiency and renewable energy network, from the Dept. Of Energy, lots of information, in particular see Consumer Information, for tips for home, business, school, and transportation..

Consumer Energy Center, from the California Energy Commission, lots of info, well organized. See also Energy Quest, on-line learning resources for kids.

Colorado energy conservation tips, from Colorado Energy, a state website.

Illionis Resource Efficiency, from the state government, access to and descriptions of programs, not much on-line info. Energy .

Energy Conservation Enhancement Project, Louisiana, 134 lesson plans in 14 areas teaching practical energy conservation, in particular, see Intro to Energy Conservation.

New Mexico Energy Conservation Division, has online guides for business and homes, alternative building info, access to government programs.

Texas State Energy Conservation Office , access to and overview of Texas conservation programs. Not much on-line practical info.

Fuel Economy, from the US Department of Energy, on-line access to fuel economy statistics for vehicles sold in the US. See Driving More Efficiently for tips on fuel economy.

Non-USA Government Sites top

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, New Zealand, lots of on-line info.

Energy Information on the Internet, from the Netherlands, in English, comprehensive access to energy-related sites worldwide.

State Committee of Ukraine for Energy Conservation, in Ukranian and English,

Utility energy conservation sites top

Snohomish Public Utility District, programs, news you can use, education. 50 ways to save energy.

Utility Connection, links to nearly 4,000 electrical, gas, water, and waste water utilities.

Seattle City Light Home Conservation Page, top ten tips.

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