This is a collection of web sites, discussion groups, and blogs that are parts of the Running On Empty/Peak Oil conversation.

Discussion Groups and List-servs

International The original peak oil discussion group The largest peak oil discussion group, moderated by Robert Waldrop for newcomers to the peak oil situation Monitoring and discussing the collapse of civilization world discussion, news related to . news postings the original Running on Empty discussion group, now closed to further members and discussion. Founded by Jay Hanson, irregularly operating discussion of "deep peak oil" and other topics of interest to Mr. Hanson.


Australia Sydney,Australia Australian conversation

California Los Angeles, California Orange County,California

Canada Running On Empty Canadian conversation Ottawa Canada Toronto, Canada Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario Barrie, Ontario, Canada British Columbia

Intermountain West USA Boulder, Colorado Wyoming

Midwest USA Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginal and western Pennsylvania. Indiana Chicago Illinois Columbia, Missouri

Netherlands Dutch group

Northeast USA Boston, Massachusetts ROE New Jersey, greater Philadelphia, Delaware NW Vermont New England

Northwest USA/Southwest Canada , British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Northern California Washington state NW Oregon

Southwest USA Tucson, Arizona Running on Empty Oklahoma Peak oil and gentrification conference, Austin TX Dallas, TX Houston, Texas

New Zealand Palmerston North, New Zealand New Zealand

United Kingdom Bristol England

Upper South, USA District of Columbia, Maryland, Northern VA

Renewable/Alternative Energies compression ignition engines running on vegetable oil vegetable oil diesels biodiesel from algae Canadian tar sands discussion alternatives to oil

Special Interests Gaia awareness and peak oil Christian response to peak oil Energy round table spiritual issues the politics of peak oil and decline post peak oil pagan living Democratic Underground peak oil discussion board anti-peak oil group

Discussion Boards Granddaddy of discussion boards contemplating the collapse of civilization, originated pre-y2k, major resource for "prepping" (making preparations for disaster) and lots of peak oil discussion, plus interesting catastrophe fiction by members. Peak Oil discussion board Oil Awareness meetup groups Post Carbon Institute mailing lists/discussion boards peak oil discussion boards discussion boards Garden Web peak oil discussion Mr. Pessimistic oil forum

Peak Oil/Running On Empty Websites

General Websites Association for the Study of Peak Oil Source Watch peak oil Matthew Simmons page Oil Depletion Analysis Center one of the early peak oil sites Mega site with archived papers, predicts human species die-off due to peak oil.

Regional Los Angeles

Internet Directories;action=list Peak Oil Webring Peak Oil Meta-directory outline of the peak oil problem, includes links

Preparation for Running on Empty/Peak Oil about peak oil, interesting list of options merchandise touting peak oil, e.g. t-shirts, cups, buttons

Peak Oil Blogs Peak Oil blogspot Caryl Johnston, "the beginning of the end of the hydrocarbon era