Compendium Update
July 13, 2011

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These links have been added to the main Compendium page.


10 perennial veggies to grow.

14 tips for starting seeds

Solar energy greenhouse update (Manitoba/North China plan)

Hairy Vetch

How to make apple cider vinegar.
Excellent article, and as a bonus, a recipe for baking lasagna using polenta instead of noodles.

Beginning Farmers

Making cider vinegar at home.

Apple Cider Recipe

Aquaponic Gardening Community (forum and info)

Vertical gardening

Hand pollination of squash (and corn)

Fruit without pruning techniques
(forum discussion)

Reusable canning lids

Building hoop houses out of electrical conduit

Layman's guide to cultivating olives

Growing grapevines from cuttings (video)

Herbs and Kids: links and info about herbs and kids


Olive oil using a vertical press.

Food Storage Made Easy. Offers a free email class in food storage.

The Story of Farming

How to grow luffa: the natural sponge.

Growing and processing flax.

Growing flax

Vertical Veg: container and vertical growing of vegetables

How to regrow celery from the store.

Field dressing a deer: a pocket guide

Canning pickles and saurkraut.

Growing potted patio fruit orchards

Edible flower chart

Recipes to make from hibiscus flowers

Ten ways to help pollinators survive.

How to make a bumble bee house.

Alan Chadwick Archive (one of the greatest horticulturists of the 20th century)

Transcripts of a few Alan Chadwick lectures

Leaf Snap: an field guide app

Resources for Grass-based Dairy.

Seeder/planter links

Seed links

One Straw Revolution

How to grow celery.

Cover cropping systems for the South.
A presentation at the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners 2011 conference. Audio presentation and powerpoint.

Alternative field crops.

Alternative plant source for latex rubber, grows well in the southwestern US.

History of Farming

Downloadable files on agriculture

East Branch Ginger
Source for ginger plant starts and info on growing ginger.

USDA Alternative Crops Database


The Ginergy Books: everything (literally) you need to know to build your own machine shop and tools starting with scrap metal.

Knight's American Mechanical Dictionary, complete online 1881 edition

Hand-powered drilling tools

3 useful inventions
Non-electrical refrigerator, water carrier, toothpaste tube dispenser

Encyclopedia of Practical Receipts and Processes (1872)
Complete online text.

How to make a sword.

Cooley's Cyclopedia of Practical Receipts and Collateral Information (1892)
Googlebooks pdf download


Quick start guide to short-wave listening.
Short and basic, but complete.


From Nature with love
Recipe database for body care products.

Frugal beauty tricks from our mothers' kitchens.


The Harvard Classics, a/k/a Dr. Elliot's Five Foot Shelf: 52 books considered, in 1909, to be fundamental to becoming a learned person.

101 ways to keep kids busy.

Manual for Civilization. From the Long Now Foundation, a list of various attempts to preserve knowledge.


Wood-gas vehicles: firewood in the fuel tank

Wood gas as an engine fuel

Build your own windmill.  Actually, it's a micro wind-membrance.

9 ways to start a fire without matches.

How to make fire with a balloon.

Wind Turbines

How to make a 16 brick rocket stove

Heating values of wood

Video on building a biogas digester.

Videos on Energy Issues (many videos!)

Video on building an anaerobic digester, part 1

Toilet that makes biogas


How to build a floating trash island

How to build an earthbag house.

The Submarine Shack: water cooled metal structures for desert environments.

The secrets of Roman concrete.

Wattle and daub building (England)

Rodent-proof construction.
Drains and feeding equipment.

Do it yourself home insulation.

Free ebook on passive home construction.

Retrofitting a trailer house to be sustainable.


Free software for use in permaculture designs

Rams Horn: a journal of food systems analysis

Bambook bike trailer

Build your own bike trailer.

Extension Document Archives

Alabama Cooperative Extension

Alaska Extension

Arizona Extension

Arkansas Extension

California Extension

Colorado Extension

Connecticut Extension

Delaware Extension

District of Columbia Extension

Florida Extension

Georgia Extension


Idaho Extension

Illinois Extension

Purdue Extension (Indiana)

Iowa Extension

Kansas Extension

Kentucky Extension

Louisiana Extension

Maine Extension

Maryland Extension

Massachusetts Extension

Michigan Extension

Minnesota Extension

Mississippi Extension

Missouri Extension

Montana Extension

University of Nebraska

Nevada Extension

New Hampshire Extension

Rutgers Extension (New Jersey)

New Mexico Extension

New York Extension

North Carolina Extension

North Dakota Extension

Ohio Extension

Oklahoma Extension

Oregon Extension

Penn State Extension

Rhode Island Extension

South Carolina Extension

South Dakota Extension

Tennessee Extension

Texas Extension

Utah Extension

Vermont Extension

Virginia Extension

Washington Extension

West Virginia Extension

Wisconsin Extension

Wyoming Extension

Canada (their equivalent of Extension)

American Samoa Extension

Guam Extension

Northern Marianas Cooperative Extension

Servicio de Extension Agricola (Puerto Rico, info in Spanish)

Virgin Islands


Where there is no dentist. (Complete online text.)

Nicotine withdrawal and recovery symptoms

Smoking Cessation at (this was the site I used when I broke my 40 year 2 pack/day tobacco habit).

How to deliver a baby.

Website of James Williams: High Function Autism
Excellent and practical resources for coping with and understanding autism.

Wheeless Textbook of Orthopaedics
Complete online text. 11,000 pages, 5,000 images.

Convert a swimming pool to a greenhouse.

Basic first aid.

The Turkey Book
No, this is not mis-filed. The Turkey Book is "a manual for medical students, by medical students, a compilation of helpful hints, high yield facts,
and introductions to many clinical topics that you will encounter in your clinical years of medical education.
Use it as a starting point and supplement with other more exhaustive references as needed."

Natural approaches to treating radiation sickness and exposure.


Modern Survival Online

The Female Survivalist


Guide to dog symptoms

Guide to cat symptoms


Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps
Method of analysis of risks, resilience, and to decide on adaptations.  Very good, must reading.

Guide to country living.

Top ten survival documents (complete online texts)

Survival Database Downloads -- complete text of books and pamphlets

Large collection of online files relating to Fukuoka and Permaculture

Preppers info
Free downloadable files.

Emergency Home Preparation


Really good base info.

Gear list examples.

Ultralight backpacking forums.
Whiteblaze homemade gear forum
Bplite DIY gear


Worm Digest. One of the largest portal sites for vermicomposting.

Acme Worm Farm
Commercial site with info and supplies.
How to make and take care of a worm neighborhood

Oregon Soil Corporation Reactor
How to make a worm bin from a tote.


How to make a urine-diverting composting toilet.

Toilets that make compost.

Managing cover crops profitably. (SARE)

Homemade liquid fertilizers


Guide  to rainwater harvesting.

Rain and Graywater Harvesting Systems

Akvopedia (water and sanitation wiki)